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The Teams

Potential participating countries: Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, USA, England, Denmark, Russia, Argentina, The Netherlands, Portugal, Korea, France, Belgium, Mexico, Switzerland, Japan.

Confirmed participating countries: Brazil, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France.


The success of the tournament will depend entirely on the quality of the competition and the prowess of the players chosen to represent their country. It is, therefore, the responsibility of each Country Captain to ensure that the following conditions are adhered to and verified where appropriate.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Selected players must have a recognized handicap of 18 or better, verified by the player's home club.
  2. A player must be a naturalized citizen of a country by virtue of that country's laws in order to be eligible to represent that country in the tournament.
  3. All player’s chosen to represent their country must be able to demonstrate that they understand the rules of golf as outlined by the R&A, and agree to play according to the correct etiquette throughout the competition.
  4. All players selected will be subject to approval by the World Golf Championship for Footballers™ Committee.
  5. A team may consist of a maximum of 3 members, one of whom must be the Team’s Country Captain.
  6. Country Captains are eligible to play in the tournament providing they meet the criteria laid out in this document.
  7. Once a player’s selection has been confirmed, INCA – Marketing, the organizer, and the PGAE require a promotional photo of that player (for use on the tournament website and other promotional material relating to the tournament) together with a contact email address that can be used to send the player event information.

Playing Conditions:

The tournament will be played according to R&A Rules and Regulations, and overseen by a Professional Golf Association body. Additional tournament-specific rules are outlined below.

  1. Players may use their own golfing equipment providing it meets with R&A rules and requirements and equipment specifications.
  2. Only three members of each team may play in any tournament round.
  3. Country Captains may select any three players from their squad of four to play in each tournament round.
  4. The winning country will receive automatic qualification into the 2021 World Golf Championship for Footballers™.
  5. A Caddy will be available for each player, the use of electronic carts or buggies is not allowed.